AWS cloud migration services

Our migration solutions and expertise can help you achieve business objectives through the cloud more efficiently and consistently.

Todak Digitech’s professional and cutting-edge managed services enable organisations of all sizes, including large enterprises and the public sector, to experience seamless and simplified cloud migration.

With Todak Digitech as a trusted partner, allows organisations to focus on their core business activities while relying on its professional services to handle the complexities of cloud managements.

Cloud Migration



Organisations face a complex process when planning a move, involving workload assessment, dependency analysis, infrastructure evaluation, and migration time calculation. Professional services ease this challenge, providing invaluable guidance.


Choosing a Cloud Provider

Selecting the right cloud service provider is a common challenge for businesses moving to the cloud. Professional services with expertise in various providers can offer a significant advantage.


Expenses Management

Cloud migration offers long-term savings and productivity gains, but upfront costs include tools, data transfer, and optimization. Specialized professional services aid in navigating and effectively mitigating these challenges.


Skill & Knowledge Gap

Successful cloud migration requires expertise, but a shortage of skilled workers hinders implementation. Professional services bridge the skills gap, facilitating a smooth transition to the cloud.


Migration Strategy

Companies face migration choices, such as lift-and-shift, re-platforming, or rewriting apps. Selecting the best method requires expertise, necessitating professional services for insightful advice and support.



In cloud migration, businesses often encounter regulatory and security concerns such as data loss prevention, configuring cloud security, and ensuring legal compliance. Knowledgeable consultants facilitate robust security and regulatory adherence.

Post Migration



Managing consistent application performance across devices and locations is challenging. Continuous monitoring, automated infrastructure provisioning, and managed services help relieve in-house IT teams, ensuring optimal performance in the cloud.


Security & Risk

Collaborating with a managed cloud service provider is crucial for maintaining robust cloud security. Their expertise reduces IT workload, addresses security issues efficiently, and safeguards the company's infrastructure.


Application Optimisation

Optimising application and infrastructure is crucial post-migration to ensure performance and availability. Automation and monitoring, though beneficial, can impact costs and experiences, addressed effectively in the SLA with a managed cloud services provider.


Lack of Skill and Knowledge

Post-migration, organisations often face a knowledge gap. Collaborating with a managed cloud service provider resolves this hurdle, offering expertise and guidance for effective cloud infrastructure management and maintenance.


Financial Burden

Many organisations find financially challenging to recruit and retain resources for cloud management. Outsourcing can reduce costs, enhance predictability, and ease financial burdens.



Cloud Migration

Efficiently migrate current workloads to the public cloud for cost savings, operational efficiency, and accelerated business transformation. Enhance the performance, scalability, reliability, and security of critical applications through this process.

Migration Tools & Assessment

Efficiently assess your company's readiness for cloud migration, streamline workload and infrastructure transition, and leverage our automated technologies for the swift realisation of business value in adopting the cloud.

Advisory & Consulting

Leverage professional guidance and technical expertise to design a strategic path for your cloud journey. Utilize best practices aligned with your business goals for a successful migration and to maximize the potential of the cloud.


Optimise cloud workload management with automation and real-time autoscaling. Consolidate resources, applications, and services for enhanced visibility, providing a unified view within a single control plane.

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