Our Services

We Simplify Your IT, You Simplify Your Success

Unlock your business potential

Unlocking your company’s potential is about maximising your resources, abilities, and opportunity. Our customisable IT solutions acknowledge your company’s needs, striving to achieve your goals rapidly and easily.

Simplifying Your Business Through Uniquely-Tailored IT Solutions

Efficiently streamlining your technology for optimal productivity and growth, so that you can focus on what matters most.

Custom Software Development

Depending on the needs, We develop and specialize in custom-tailored software for the digitalization of organisations.

Business digitization, in our opinion, is the most efficient method for organizations to compete. We provide a whole solution to help you with your digitization, which includes:

Web Site & App Development
Mobile App Development

Consultation & Advisory

Bringing all field expertise to your service. We have the experience to handle all aspects of your business’s digitization. Moreover, we offer to advise and support to assist you in making informed decisions regarding your technological requirements.

To create and implement the finest solutions that address your company’s needs, we try to assist you with a better understanding to assess your needs.
Technology Assessment

Helps organization to optimize the usage of tech and infrastructure.

Technology Strategies

Laying down options and plans before implementing technology solutions.

Cloud Migration

We work to increase your system’s overall performance and dependability with the primary objective of lowering your cloud computing costs up to post-migration optimisation. However, the process needs careful preparation to achieve a smooth transition of corporate activities to the cloud and prevent potential interruptions.

Cloud Optimization

Attained through a variety of techniques such as resource allocation, load balancing, and data compression. With cloud optimisation, cloud computing costs will be decreased while enhancing overall performance and dependability. This can benefit any business in various of ways.

Security Strategy and Planning

Protect your business's information systems, networks and data against cyber-security threats by adopting our strategy and approach.

Vulnerability Assessment

Providing potential attack vectors and recommending measures on how to minimise and eliminate the vulnerabilities.

Advanced Monitoring & Resolutions

Your business's information systems, networks, and applications will operate productively and be more accessible thanks to advanced monitoring tools.

Hybrid Backup & Recovery

To prevent data loss and ensure business continuity in the case of a disaster, our experts will build and maintain copies of your data.

We Are Operating at A Global Standard

By obtaining ISO 9001:2015 and 27001:2022 certifications, Todak Digitech demonstrates a solid commitment to implementing the highest standards in our daily operations. Furthermore, our focus on providing exceptional services means that you can trust in the quality and reliability of our offerings.