Our Services

We provide a frontier of cutting-edge technology via an experienced team and renowned professionals.


Passionate in developing a functional system, TODAK Digitech strives to understand client’s problems by our complimentary consultation. As we discover the underlying issues, our vast network of distributor will be available to find the best procured products at a reliable-price and effective result.

Our passionate onsite team will be available to assist in handling any IT’s worries, from software to hardware at any given time. Under our meticulous supervision and installation for network, servers or premises setup, we ensure steady and reliable experience to kickstart any business adventures.

All your worries are at ease and business have adapted to changes, sustainability is needed. In order to sustain the upcoming challenges and work demand, TODAK Digitech will be prepared to maintain and support your data to business requirements and market challenges.

How our works in practice

Process Management

We apply innovative methodologies to ensure the entire reformatting process is professionally done until the end.



Collecting information about your business needs and goals.



Planning and proposing unique solutions to meet your expectation.



Allocation of experienced & professionals IT expert.



Execution in controlled environment by dividing to manageable stages until completed.



Ensuring continuation of support by monitoring progress 24/7.

What we do

Excellent Services

We provide a frontier of cutting-edge technology via an experienced team and renowned professionals.

Consultation Services

We provide free consultation to all our clients and identify, evaluate, plan while providing the best IT solutions in order to achieve a secure, reliable and cost-effective IT environment.

Installation or Integration Services

We organize and configures all types of IT hardware, software and networking devices as per procured with UAT and monitoring as included in our Maintenance and Support Services.

Maintenance and Support Services

We start with setup, install, or integrate and configure the products of solutions. It follows the maintenance services with Service-Level Agreement to support the product of solutions implemented.

Software Development Services

We develop custom web site, web-based and mobile application that designed to improve your customer enggagement and to fulfill your business needs and goals. It follows the warranty and maintenance services.

Why choose us?

We work together with certified professionals to develop BIG IDEAS to change the lives of our clients. Your satisfaction is our motivation.