Our Solutions

We provide reliable and cost-effective solutions to meet your business needs and goals.


As a longstanding industry player in IT and business development, we understand any companies from SME’s to top conglomerates struggles with IT support ranges from maintenance, network, setting or security. Different upbringing brought different issues and ultimately diversified solution. Utilizing our decorated 10 years of experience, TODAK Digitech lock on to the most critical issues and dilemmas of our clients.

Our range of services are designed to help you in many areas of IT, helping you understand better about your software and hardware, assisting you to obtain the industry-standard procurement and develop a strong organizational culture built on performance and teamwork.

Trustworthy in many aspects of IT’s, our reliable and cost-effective solutions include personalised fix according to your necessities. TODAK Digitech will help you plan, calculate, summarize and came out with a package via advanced IT solutions and support that help many businesses flourish.

All your worries will be at ease as we will turn up with BIG IDEAS which reflects our strong commitment in cultivating progress in our client’s lives.

What we offer

Reliable Solutions

We provide a reliable and cost-effective solutions to meet your business demands..

VOD Solutions

We provide advanced video streaming solutions to provide reliable and high quality for live and on demand streaming media service to your subscribers. We will help you create, manage and configure your content from library and monetize it from your preference.

Managed Server Solutions

We provide consultation, procurement, installation, and maintenance for all types of servers and their roles such as file and print server, application and database server, mail server, domain controller server, DNS server, etc.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

We provide a data backup as known as insurance plan to back up your files that can recover against accidental loss or deletion, database corruption, hardware failures, and natural disasters.

Why choose us?

We work together with certified professionals to develop BIG IDEAS to change the lives of our clients. Your satisfaction is our motivation.