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Managed Solutions

Managed hosting is a blessing for company lacking of technical background or experience employee in order to oversee the day to day management of data, web hosting, updates, security and various server related operations.

Hosting solution must be considered for a business that is projected to prosper in terms of recognition. Tribeans offer stress-free support to host anything from servers to hardware, for our client’s peace of mind. We dedicate ourselves to monitor servers at all time, ensuring security, optimizing firewalls, managing storage and database to backup important data.

Managed hosting allows you to reduce operating cost of your business, by having our own resources and experts to handle all your server related issues worries, saving time and also money.

As your business develops, clients would able to effectively scale and upgrade server according to the development of business. Tribeans helps quicken the entire process instead of building in-house server farms, overseeing representatives and coordinating third-party suppliers.

Our commendable staff excels in delivering quality service, our hosting solutions ensure progressive support 24/7 as you could concentrate on your business while maintaining stable servers for a perfect IT experience.

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