About Us

TODAK Digitech is a specialized IT consulting firm powered by a group of passionate IT enthusiast with 15 years of experience, ensuring a steady cloud experience for you.

A success story

Who We Are

TODAK Digitech Sdn Bhd was established by a group of young and capable digital wizard equipped with a decade of decorated experience in dealing with wide array of IT problems.

Our devoted IT professionals are backed with knowledge and certification to navigate through various problems while providing solutions for your business needs, regardless of industries from small and medium enterprise to top conglomerates.

We believe in providing the highest level of services to our clients, ensuring the best outcomes, professional work-ethics and responsive support 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Fuelled by passion and our never-ending duty to be the best IT solution provider globally and nationally, our clients will be at ease with a reliable and cost-effective IT services to safeguard their business demand.

Success Is Something

All great success started with a blueprint, an idea to freedom and goals needed to be achieved.

TODAK Digitech excel in developing detailed plans, visualizing the scheme to every possible outcome and developing solutions responsibly by working together as a family.

We turn blueprints into reality, a mere fantasy into a genuine entity, a developing system into a successful network. One step away to elevate your digital experiences.

Why choose us?

Our certified professionals are proficient in developing great ideals to ensure long-lasting success to our clients.